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Posted on November 10, 2011 by

Body Karma produces handcrafted organic soaps, body butters and skin care products.

On the outskirts of Chicago, in the town of
Oak Forest,  lies a little cottage soap
and skin care company called Body Karma.

My mission is to provide quality body
products using quality ingredients to bring forth wellness for your mind, body,
and spirit.

I began making soaps and salves for my family
and friends. If someone mentioned a skin condition, I would say…I can make
something for that.  I always received
warm accolades and decided to bring what others loved to you.

I make my products in small batches, giving
the process the attention it deserves.  I
use organic ingredients whenever I can.
The main reasons are to prevent GMO (genetically, modified organisms)
and pesticides.

I want you to delight in using my products.
You will wonder how you existed without using Shea Soufflé in your hair and on
your skin.  Come treat yourself and
experience how amazing Body Karma can be.


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